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A band of Texans, influenced by the sounds of south Texas, MC & the Mystyx can play it all – from Blues to Rock to Americana - and have their own spin on Texas music from the region.  The band introduces you to a unique presentation of songs.  Their artistic musical interpretations and arrangements captivate and connect audiences to the fire and soul of each song.

The band has a strong female presence - founded and lead by guitarist, Melody Ackerman, and vocalist, Cathy Ruiz.   The band's power house rhythm section is comprised of bassist, Phil Hearn, and drummer, Tim Root.  One commonality among them, is they are performers who want to entertain and connect with audiences through music.

San Antonio, Texas
Blues, Rock, Americana
2005 to Present


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U. S. Embassy Jamaica, U. S. Embassy Jamaica - Facebook (Jul 13, 2016)


On Monday July 4th The Embassy of the United States of America in Kingston celebrated the 240th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, on the East Lawn of the historic and iconic Devon House.

The evening of splendor was characterized by Texan hats and Tex-Mex Cuisine amidst a sea of red, white and blue. Such was necessary as, U.S. Embassy Kingston sought to celebrate America’s accomplishments, Texan Style. Over 600 guests including, government officials, members of the business community and civil society basked in the evening’s festivities. Texan tunes were delivered by the San Antonio based band MC & The Mystyx who gave a high energy performance. Their set showcased a mix of country, rock and R&B, which kept persons rocking throughout the night.

Sam Kindrick - Action Magazine - (Aug 30, 2016)


"Just back from a July 4 blowout sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica, San Antonio’s MC & the Mystyx put on another superb performance last month at the Tex Pop museum on Mulberry Street. They can do it all- country, blues, some rock, and their own spin on Americana and Texas music from this region. Cathy Ruiz has developed into a super versatile performer with voice control that is off the charts. ...They have been working... on material for the recording. When they release it, you can bet it will be a good one."

Jimmy Spacek - Facebook -  (Apr 10, 2017)

James Spacek - Considered "the godfather of San Antonio Blues" April 10 at 11:12am 

"A Big THANK YOU- Melody, Cathy and gang for inviting me up on your stage time and time again. It's always a pleasure to play and guys really light it up!! Melody's guitar work always inspires me, plus the range of music you guys perform amazes me. Thanks for doing what you do...keeping the flame burning & spreading great music across Texas and beyond! Keep It Jammin' JS”

Caitie & Thomas - Compliments from Bride & Groom -  (Feb 23, 2017)

“To: MC & The Mystyx <> Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 12:32 PM Subject: Thank you!!!! Dear MC and the Mystyx, Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. The band was incredible, and people have been raving about you guys since Sunday. We've gotten so many texts and calls telling us how wonderful the band was, and how much fun they had dancing. We appreciate how much time and effort you put into making our first song (and every song) special. We could really feel how committed y'all were to making it a fantastic performance, and it made all the difference. We will definitely be out to see y'all play soon, and will keep up with you on social media! With gratitude, Caitie and Thomas”

 Carrie Nelson, Dripping Springs Fire in the Sky 2018 (Jul 05, 0018)

"Y'all were a big hit and we enjoyed it. Hope to see you again next year!"

Sam Kindrick - Action Magazine - (Aug 30, 2007)


"Cathy Ruiz displays a true honky-tonk voice...and can sing a broad range of music from blues to rock...Melody Ackerman can smoke an electric guitar on one number, then switch beautifully to an acoustic flat-top on the next number...few guitarist would find in easy to hang with her in a picking session..." - Sam Kindrick

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