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A band of Texans, influenced by the sounds of south Texas, MC & the Mystyx can play it all – from Blues to Rock and Americana, and have their own spin on Texas music from the region.  The band introduces you to a unique presentation of songs.  Their artistic musical interpretations and arrangements captivate and connect audiences to the fire and soul of each song.


The band has a strong female presence - founded and lead by guitarist, Melody Ackerman, and vocalist, Cathy Ruiz.   The power house rhythm section is comprised of bassist, Phil Hearn, and drummer, Tim Root.  One commonality among them, is they are performers who want to entertain and connect with audiences through music.

Melody Ackerman

Melody grew up playing a diverse and eclectic range of music - learning to play guitar on bossa novas, folk, country, pop, and rock.  She was also exposed to family favorites of Texas artist such as Ray Price, Ernest Tubbs, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson – along with, Freddy King, Edgar and Johnny Winter, and ZZ Top.   

"Strong melodic content and lyrics inspire and drive me musically.  I thrive on improvisation and the synergy of the bands performance."

Cathy Ruiz

"Music has always been a powerful force in my life, whether it be through inner emotions, memories, celebration or experiencing a slice of life through others stories.  Lyrics and groove inspire me." 


Cathy's musical influences are diverse and include music from the sounds of Bakerfield to Muscle Shoals and Bonnie Raitt to Doug Sahm. 

Tim Root

Tim gravitated towards the classic rock bands of the era (Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top, Grand Funk, The Who) - and progressive rock and fusion bands

(Emerson Lake & Palmer, Genesis,Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Return to Forever).  While at the University of Houston and UTSA, he was immersed into the jazz world. Finally, he was totally hooked on being a professional drummer. 

Tim has traveled the world playing music and is known worldwide for his Electronic Drum clinics.

“Playing with a band like MC & the Mystyx gives me a chance to use ALL my musical experience that I have developed over the years”.

Phil Hearn

“Music appeals to people’s emotions, and it didn’t take long to realize I could use music to entertain others and affect those emotions.  For me, once I have formulated a tight rhythmic foundation with the drummer, the music becomes surreal and almost hypnotic.”


Phil’s early influences included southern gospel, country, and the sounds of the “British invasion”.  Later, he was also drawn to groups featuring horns such as the swing era big bands, Chicago, and Blood, Sweat and Tears because of their unique and complex musical arrangements.

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